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Author:  This website was designed, created and written by a volunteer homeowner couple, who likewise took 95% of the photos on the site.  The homeowners have lived in the Desert Shores Racquet Club since 1993, and one is a recent former Board member and Treasurer of the Desert Shores Community Association (master association).  The site reflects the homeowners' personal experience, and they bear sole responsibility for its content.

Their technology consulting company is called Eleventh Dimension, which is referenced in the site's copyright footer.

Purpose:  The site was created as an information and marketing piece to the outside world for this remarkable development, and as a service to provide information from subassociations or residents where desired.

Official Website:  This is not the website of the Desert Shores Community Association (see this website's footer for more detail).  Please see the terrific website at for that purpose.

Contact:  If you have any questions on this website or its contents, you may contact:

Kip Kramer
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.