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Garfield's on the Lake

There can't be a restaurant and local gathering spot that takes better advantage of a spectacular setting than Garfield's.  With first-class boathouse architecture throughout, Garfield's has lake view or on-the-lake seating in three gorgeous sections.  Bring the kids to watch lake wildlife while enjoying anything from mouth-watering salmon to fun dishes from the kid's menu.  Or bring your significant other and have a cold lakeside drink before a signature dinner and live entertainment.  A showpiece but still every-day casual and priced to please, Garfield's is "family dining, resort style".

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The Experience

Laid-Back Style (but Royal Treatment) on the Water

Surrounded by gorgeous Lake Jacqueline in Desert Shores, Garfield's is an experience you'll want to enjoy again and again.  What kind of experience, you ask?  Well, pull up a deck chair, relax, and we'll run down the list:

Through the Boathouse Window 2

A Lake Experience:  Let's face it, there's not much about Las Vegas that makes you feel connected to nature.  That's a great reason to grab the family and head to Garfield's.  The restaurant virtually rolls out onto the lake, and is encircled by waterfowl, turtles and fish of all sizes and shapes.  These Desert Shores residents and visitors are as thrilled as you are to discover a lake here, and seem to truly enjoy greeting, entertaining and fascinating those who watch them.  You can be content to be a lake potato, absorbing the environment at your leisure while you sit.  Or you can walk around the shoreline through draping landscaping, checking out the views and critters in three compass directions.

A Healthy Experience:  As you'll see under the Slow Food® tab that follows, Garfield's prides itself on farm-fresh healthy produce and meats, prepared in a seductive way that dovetails with the nature around you.  Las Vegas isn't renowned for healthy eating, either ... yet another reason to set sail to Garfield's.

A Mouth-Watering Experience:  Executive Chef Jean-Paul Labadie and his staff know what they're doing, and are constantly refreshing the menu with dishes that make you savor every delightful bite.  Focusing on seafood but equally adept at variety, Garfield's offers selections to fit any appetite and mood.  For its food alone, Garfield's is a destination resort-style eatery in a destination town.

A High-Value Experience:  Garfield's wants you and your family to come again and again, and it knows it can only do that with great prices for a superlative experience.  This isn't a trip to the strip with a stealth raid on your wallet; it's a unique, first-class product at a price as relaxing as the atmosphere.

An Experience in Liquidity:  Garfield's bars are graced by the talents of Mixologist Mike Jones.  His reputation for producing to-die-for beverage concoctions is well-earned, and what better place to have a cold, nirvana-inducing drink than Garfield's boathouse-style bars on the shores of Lake Jacqueline?

An Entertainment Experience:  As if all of this wasn't enough, Garfield's has live entertainment every night from Monday through Saturday and again at brunch on Sunday afternoons.  From jazz to soul to rock, this neighborhood lakeshore gathering spot provides a friendly, classy joint to sport your flip flops or heels and enjoy some top-notch Vegas music.  On top of that, there are special events like concerts, dances and plays.  So, watch the Entertainment tab on this website, go to Garfield's website or connect with Garfield's via Facebook or Twitter to see what's happening tonight!

A Boathouse Experience:  The attention to detail in Garfield's boathouse architecture, varied lake-themed seating areas and overall feel is second to nothing in Las Vegas.  Fashioned after an old-style boathouse, the restaurant welcomes you with white antiqued plank floors, classic wainscoting, fascinating water-themed chandeliers and shelves, comfortable Palecek rattan furniture and something to tease and please your eye beckoning from every direction.  We've watched people drag their friends into the restrooms just to see them, even if that particular form of nature isn't calling.  Desert Shores is fortunate to have a local venue that so artfully understands and intertwines with the lake theme of the community.

A Resort Experience:  In theme and location but not price, Garfield's is like a resort vacation for the whole family.  So, as the whole professional Regatta crew from skipper to trimmer will tell you:

Ahoy on deck!  Delicious cuisine and top-notch bars await you, enhanced by classic waterfront decor and romantic views of Lake Jacqueline!  Savor the exceptional service and natural wonder found at Garfield's at Lakeside.  Enjoy Garfield's, a most special oasis where boatmates converge for food and beverage and sail away refreshed!

The Garfield's Tour:  From stem to stern, the best way to describe Garfield's is to take a photo tour.  So please use the tabs that follow to come on in!



The Patios and Veranda

When we come to Garfield's, we're first beckoned by its welcoming garden-like front entry ...

P20120515 4

From there, we're led to an enchanting outside veranda and patios where we can sit back and decompress with a beverage, friends and great conversation.  Resistance is futile...


P20120515 6

P20120515 7


Bridgehouse Bar

The Bridgehouse Bar

Next we walk into the Bridgehouse Bar to get a Garfield's signature drink, and it's tough not to just camp here. The bar and accompanying lounge are colorful, warm, and inviting. They entice you to relax and begin to absorb the nautical dreaminess that is Garfield's.

Garfields 064

Oh, and about those signature drinks. Mike Jones, Mixologist and Bar Manager, comes to Garfield's with fame in his chosen field. He has created concoctions especially for the lake that keep guests coming back and anticipating what he might think of next. Mike and his staff also work wonders at the Veranda Bar next to the Grand Garden / Grand Atrium when there is entertainment afoot.


Boat House

Ye Olde Boat House

With views to the lake, white antiqued plank floors, spectacular shell chandeliers, graceful swans, and even an Amish-made "Lakeside Breeze" folk art sign, the Boat House is the main dining area.

Garfields 030

We get here by reluctantly leaving the Bridgehouse Bar, passing the two large carved white swans and finally by having our heads snap back and forth as we look either at the lake through the doors or at the one-of-a-kind "boat house" artistry of this beautiful, warm space.


Sail House

The Sail House

If we prefer to be closer to the lake, we go through the doors to the indoor/outdoor dining area: the Sailhouse.  This casual but elegant sanctuary has a spectacular 180-degree view of Lake Jacqueline, and soft natural light filtering down from the translucent ceiling.  Depending on the weather (which is usually close to perfect), the Sailhouse offers open-air seating or an all-glass enclosed patio.  From here, you can see all the waterfowl, boats, activities at the neighboring Community Center and calm, soothing water.  It's like dining on a sailboat!

Garfield's patio.marketingshot

A fun trick would be to blindfold some visitors before they leave their home towns, bring them to a table here, remove the blindfold and see if they could guess what part of the world they're in. They wouldn't guess Las Vegas. (It would be a fun trick, but we haven't actually tried it. Be the first?)

P20100509 (13)

This is a sneak peak at the busy Sailhouse from the lake.  Try as we might, no one would throw us even the tiniest piece of salmon.




Our final choice of dining locales within Garfield's is the Lakeside section, which might affectionately be called "the Full Monty" (but probably not by the owners, who wisely had no part in this website even being built).

Garfields 041

With a view down the throat of the lake in both directions, tables here hover directly over the water's edge. The view is to die for, as (of course) is the food. These open-air seating areas are covered with large cabanas to protect us from the sun, and the setting is delightfully natural, with boulders and plants diving in among the tables. If we want our blood pressure to drop and our attention to be devoted to drinking in our surroundings, this is the place.

Garfields 043

P20100620 (8)

On the other hand, if we prefer high blood pressure and someplace loud and obnoxious to become even more stressed out, we should never have come to Desert Shores, the Lakeside Center or Garfield's. We have been warned.

P20100620 (3)

A paean to misplaced vanity, this is the author (of this website, not the book) at Garfield's with his mom. His mom didn't give permission to use this photo. But she doesn't browse the web much, so...



Coming Soon!

Take a look below at what's coming to Garfield's ... the best New Year's Eve shindig in town!

So bring your friends to enjoy great food, a first-rate band, and fireworks of all kinds on the lake!

NYE 2012_small


Slow Food ®

Slow Food®

With all its architecture and spectacular surroundings, the main reason to come to Garfield's is melt-in-your-mouth great food.

Sandwich (2) Rotisserie Chicken (2) Dessert (2) Sailhouse Eats 2 (2)

To that end, Garfield's is proud to be part of the "Slow Food®" movement. The restaurant works in conjunction with Alice Waters (nationally recognized to be the founder of the Slow Food® movement in the USA) and with Marilyn Yamamoto of UNLV (who has the same reputation locally).

The first thing to get across to folks who are unfamiliar with Slow Food® is that it doesn't mean you'll be waiting forever to be served. Garfield's wants you to take your time and decompress in its unique environment, but service is anything but slow. Rather, what it does mean is this:

    • Farm-to-table fresh ingredients are used.
    • Whenever possible, Garfield's works with its own farm or other local farms to procure farm-fresh produce, spices, herbs, and even meats.  What you see on your plate today was probably growing or grazing yesterday.
    • Ingredients are generally organic and always healthy.
    • Local businesses are supported, as is small-scale sustainable food production.
    • The overall mission of Slow Food® is to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people's dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.

Garfield's is unique in the Las Vegas area in promoting these concepts throughout its menu. To that end, it has assembled a Dream Team to manage the restaurant and supervise food preparation. Please meet two of them (for food and drink, respectively) below!

Head Chef Ross Boaz


Ross Boaz
Executive Chef



Mike Jones

Mike Jones

Mixologist and Bar Manager


Resort Style

Resort Style

Garfield's main tag line is "Family Dining, Resort Style". The entire staff wants to make sure that your family feels welcome in a relaxed, delightful environment.

Val and Erik (2)

Family Dining...

Garfield's is a great place to bring kids to watch the many species of waterfowl, the activities at the Desert Shores Community Center, the jumping sport fish, and life on the lake.  There is even a special Kid's menu (please see the menus at the bottom of the prior tab).  The entire family will not only have a healthy, delicious meal at a comfortable price, but an all-around great time in an environment like none other in Las Vegas.

Surroundings (2)

Resort Style...

Garfield's is named in honor of Sir Garfield Sobers, Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II on the playing fields of Barbados in 1975. Sir Garfield is considered the greatest all-around Cricket player of all time.

That same spirit of excellence, excitement and sport is what Garfield's strives to create for you.  From the outgoing staff, most of whom have learned the ropes at Las Vegas resorts, to the "Lord" and "Lady" just-plain-awesome boathouse rest rooms, Garfield's wants to honor you with an unforgettable experience and a fine, Slow Food® meal.

Sailhouse Eats 2 (2)

Blue Ribbon Award

Because of this approach, Garfield's was awarded Channel 13 Action News' "Blue Ribbon Award" for excellence in food preparation and customer care.




Jazz on the Lake July 2,3 & 4, 2010Living in Desert Shores has another benefit shared by few if any communities in Las Vegas: local access to high-quality arts and entertainment...and on a lake, no less! Garfield's, in conjunction with Lakeside Weddings and Events, supports musical arts through its "Jazz on the Lake" program, Monday Night Football at the large adjoining Grand Garden Atrium, and has live music at the restaurant nearly every evening (with music for brunch on Sundays).  It has also played host to the theratrical arts, such as the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company and its "Shakespearience on the Lake", and various venues are available for private shindigs and events for anything from families to corporations.

Following are examples of the types of activities taking place at Garfield's. Please contact the restaurant (see the "Contact" tab in this article) or look at the live excerpt from Garfield's website under "Nightly Entertainment" below to see what's happening now!


Support and Presentation of the Arts: Music, Acting and More!

Jazz on the Lake

Garfield's, recognizing the wealth of musical talent available in Las Vegas, the lack of local venues for such talent, and the appetite of audiences to experience it, established events such as its extremely well-received "Jazz on the Lake".  These events take place at the Grand Garden Atrium adjacent to Garfield's, with the veranda bar serving drinks and Garfield's providing food. 

Entertainment 1 (2)

It's essentially a full-blown concert on the lake, and it's a great time.  It's not only fun for the people who are there, but the music wafts across the lake to create a relaxing and festive environment for the whole community.  In fact, a recent event saw residents in deck chairs soaking in the atmosphere while sitting on the other side of the lake.  (Not to worry -- it's not too loud and doesn't go too late!)

Entertainment 7 (2)Garfield's goal is to provide not only wonderful musicians, but great entertainers.  When you come to Jazz on the Lake, you're not going to be bored.  The venue will knock your socks off and the music will, too!  And despite the title, it's not just jazz.  It's jazz, blues, swing, or a variety of other genres.  These events happen on various weekends, and Garfield's may be contacted to find out the timing of the next event.

Special Events on the Lake

In a similar vein, Garfield's brings other local artists to its shores with unique events.  To find out what they are, please stay tuned to this website, Garfield's website, Garfield's Facebook page and Twitter feed, and advertisements when you're at the restaurant.  

Here's just one example. 

Imagine coming to a beautiful lake, relaxing with your favorite beverage, tasting a great meal or appetizers, and being treated to some of the best performances of Shakespeare available anywhere.  Thanks to a collaboration between Garfield's and the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company (headed by artistic director Dan Decker), that's an example of what you get at Desert Shores.

Entertainment 3 (2)

Entertainment 2 (2)

The Las Vegas Shakespeare Company served up something unique and special for its run at the Grand Garden venue: a sampling of Shakespeare plays, four vignettes from four different plays per night.  The website author can attest to the fact that this is representative of what Garfield's brings to its tables and is uniquely engaging.  Because of the fun explanations given by Decker prior to each scene, even Shakespeare morons could more fully appreciate what was happening than they ever had before. Entertainment 4 (2)

And the acting?  This is Las Vegas!  It is absolutely first rate, and you could speak with the actors after the scenes.  It made for a full aquatic night of Shakespeare you'd never forget!

New ideas and events such as this are happening all the time, so always pick up the latest brochures when you're eating at Garfield's.

Monday Night Football

Also in the Grand Garden Atrium, Garfield's hosts Monday Night Football, broadcast by ESPN on multiple, strategically placed high-definition screens.  Football on the lake sure beats football in the living room, especially with cold draft beers, Mike Jones's addictive beverage innovations, the very best TVs, fun-loving fellow NFL-ers and everything else Garfield's has to offer. It's another opportunity for residents in Desert Shores or anyone else to "lake it" on a nice fall night. 

Nightly Entertainment

When there isn't Jazz, Shakespeare, football or another event at the Grand Garden next to Garfield's, there is music inside Garfield's.  Scroll through the page below from Garfield's Facebook site to see upcoming events!

Put it all together, and entertainment on the lake at Garfield's is one of the most fun and unique experiences in one of the country's most fun and unique towns.  Desert Shores can honestly lay claim to having it all!

Entertainment 6 (2)


Weddings & Events

Lakeside Weddings and Events

Garfield's works in conjunction with Lakeside Weddings and Events to host and/or cater to all types of events, from weddings to birthdays to corporate gatherings, large and small. There are four venues of varying sizes available, with great lake views.  Please look at the Lakeside Weddings and Events section of this website to learn more!

Lakeside Event Center Conservatory Indoors Soft




Garfield's Videos

The videos below cover many of the same topics as this section of the website, and give you a tour of the restaurant and the thought process behind it. To get the full effect, remember to resize the videos to "Full Screen" when you play them (click the rectangular icon on the lower right of each video as it plays).

The first video is an overview of Garfield's Restaurant from "Cool in Vegas", a feature KTNV Channel 13 Action News. KTNV is the Las Vegas ABC network affiliate.


The second feature interviews Jean-Paul Labadie, Jason Bandle and Mike Jones on "The Morning Blend", a local ABC News production:


Finally, the third piece details "Jazz on the Lake", Shakespeare and Garfield's commitment to and presentation of arts on the lake. This was another "Cool in Vegas" feature from Channel 13 News:




Contact Information

So now you know all the reasons to visit Garfield's (which is made all the easier, of course, if you live in Desert Shores)!

To contact Garfield's, ask about current events, make reservations or inquire about catering to groups of 50-250 in one of their four lake-oriented banquet rooms, please call or go to their website:

Phone: 702-925-8333


Social Media:



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