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If you live in Desert Shores, or if you've had time to look through this website, you know that this is one place where photography and videography are at a premium.  While nearly all this site's photos were taken by an amateur, professional help is only a phone call away.  Lakeside Images has been creating state-of-the-art images and videos for clients in Las Vegas for years.  If you want a lake as your backdrop, the company certainly has multiple locales from which to choose.  Or if you need to have an inspired portraiture or recording of an event at your location, Lakeside Images has the experience to create a Desert Shores-like impression for you.

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Focusing on the Beauty


Lakeside Images Overview

Not only does Lakeside Images have unsurpassed artistry, expertise and technology to bring to bear on a project, it also brings its own canvas should you choose to use it.  Closely tied with Lakeside Weddings and Events, the company has access to all the beautiful backdrops of the Lakeside Center and Desert Shores to give you Las Vegas images unlike anywhere else.

Beyond weddings, it has a deep portfolio in corporate events, family portraitures, senior portraitures (these can be seniors in high school, college or golf carts), or specialized requests.

Lakeside Images is a perfect match of business, art and location.

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