Grand Garden Reception

Lakeside Weddings & Events

Let there be no doubt.  Here, everything is truly an event.  Whether it's a wedding or a corporate function, an anniversary or a recognition dinner, a reception with your choice of entertainment or a small gathering with extended family, Lakeside Weddings & Events provides a venue and services that attendees will remember for a lifetime.  With multiple lakefront choices, spectacular landscaping and unmatched attention to detail, this aquatic paradise brings the Mediterranean to you.  LW&E professionally offers an integrated menu of services and facilities that make any event a vacation.

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A Royal Cruise Ship on Land


Weddings & Events Overview

Desert Shores offers an unsinkable combination of nearly-year-round warm weather with a riveting, sparkling, even surreal lake environment.  It says something that at this writing, a Trailways bus on a tour of the Southwest just let tourists off to take photos of Lake Jacqueline.

The Lakeside Center in general, and Lakeside Weddings & Events (LW&E)  in particular, makes the utmost of these assets for Desert Shores residents and visitors from around the world.  With spectacular nature outdoors, class and elegance indoors, and best-in-class services to bring everything together, LW&E has earned its reputation of offering top notch cruise-caliber events.  With the added benefit, of course, that it won't capsize off the Italian coast.

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