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Marché Bacchus

This spectacular restaurant has a combination of three primary ingredients that can't be topped: a perfect lakefront setting, the best French (and New Orleans-influenced) cuisine in Las Vegas, and an integrated wine shop. Where else can you walk into a spacious European-styled boutique, choose your wine from a carefully-selected group of 950 possibilities, buy it at retail and then pay a $10 corkage fee to savor your choice with a first-class French meal on a lake with live entertainment? Taste, sight, sound ... nirvana for the senses!  Marché Bacchus is another great reason why Desert Shores is a one-of-a-kind community.

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Meet Marché

Wine on the Water - A European Delight

Somewhere along the line, France invaded the desert southwest and created a culinary lakeside paradise. It was named, appropriately as it turned out, after the Roman god of wine and ecstasy. Desert Shores residents know this place well, but it's a welcome and exciting surprise to Las Vegas visitors.

Please look through the tabs that follow to tour this place. It is Marché Bacchus, a wine shop and restaurant nonpareil.

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