The Natural Side of Lakeside

Panorama 2 - Lakeside Center

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Appealing to Our Better Nature

As much as being a commerce center for well-run businesses that complement each other and their Desert Shores lake environment, the Lakeside Center effectively serves as a gorgeous demonstration garden for landscaping and artistry.  Although water efficient, its grounds inspire residents and their guests and create a blueprint for how to make a lake look and feel like a lake.

If you want to decompress and feel rejuvenated after a tough day, come home to the lakes of Desert Shores.  And if you want to be inspired, your best bet is to walk, boat, dine or just look at the Lakeside Center.

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From the Lake

Lakeside From The Lake

If you didn't know where you were and looked back at the Lakeside Center from on or across the water, what would you think?

IMG 7692

Am I in Italy?  France?

P20110530 (17)

Oh, no, no ... that's the Greek Islands.  Hydra, maybe?

P20100616 (2)

This great blue heron from the Racquet Club shoreline is having a tough time figuring it out, and he's been everywhere!

P20050602 (38)

This view from the Breakwater Bridge could be in the Pacific Northwest, but it's sunny, and the palm trees in the foreground wouldn't be happy there...