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The Salon at Lakeside

A well-respected and experienced business, the Salon at Lakeside combines the best in hair cutting, styling and coloring with jaw-dropping views, a serene and fun ambience and superior service.  The Salon is located on the second floor of the southeast corner of the Lakeside Center, and has elevated views up and down Lake Jacqueline.  Although there are a lot of salons in Las Vegas, no others serve you with top-notch stylists while you enjoy a favorite drink, cruise the free Wi-Fi service and watch waterfowl and boats dreamily cruise a lake.  This is another long-standing favorite of Desert Shores residents, yet people come from all over the city for this high-quality and unique pause that refreshes.

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A Cut Above ... The Lake


Salon Overview

Everything in Desert Shores has a specialness about it, and that's certainly true of The Salon at Lakeside.

This large full-service salon has everything you'd expect in a high-quality styling center, from sought-after stylists to a full suite of services for hair and nails to the best in hair and nail care products.

But in addition to that, it has presence.  With a commanding second-floor view of Lake Jacqueline, you can almost hear your blood pressure drop while you're being served, or while sitting on the covered veranda overlooking the lake.  When you leave, you'll be extermely satisfied with how you look.  But you'll be even more happy with how you feel.

Walk in...

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