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The Salon at Lakeside

A well-respected and experienced business, the Salon at Lakeside combines the best in hair cutting, styling and coloring with jaw-dropping views, a serene and fun ambience and superior service.  The Salon is located on the second floor of the southeast corner of the Lakeside Center, and has elevated views up and down Lake Jacqueline.  Although there are a lot of salons in Las Vegas, no others serve you with top-notch stylists while you enjoy a favorite drink, cruise the free Wi-Fi service and watch waterfowl and boats dreamily cruise a lake.  This is another long-standing favorite of Desert Shores residents, yet people come from all over the city for this high-quality and unique pause that refreshes.

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A Cut Above ... The Lake


Salon Overview

Everything in Desert Shores has a specialness about it, and that's certainly true of The Salon at Lakeside.

This large full-service salon has everything you'd expect in a high-quality styling center, from sought-after stylists to a full suite of services for hair and nails to the best in hair and nail care products.

But in addition to that, it has presence.  With a commanding second-floor view of Lake Jacqueline, you can almost hear your blood pressure drop while you're being served, or while sitting on the covered veranda overlooking the lake.  When you leave, you'll be extermely satisfied with how you look.  But you'll be even more happy with how you feel.

Walk in...

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Salon Outdoors

It's not often you think much about the outside of a salon.  But here, it's an integral part of the entire experience.  Follow us as we gaze out of the salon and breeze onto its veranda, and then sign up for your next appointment.

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Many of the styling stations are lakeside, and the salon is open with well-placed mirrors that make you feel you're in a completely different town throughout the space.

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The covered veranda is a place to come early and wait for your appointment, wait between treatments, linger after your appointment, or hide out and camp overnight.  Beverages and snacks are available.  Bring your own camera!

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Part of the veranda isn't covered and feels like you're on the prow of a ship.  This is a winter shot, but the willow trees will get their leaves and the grass will turn green after this brief break.

After your break, you go back in to to be pampered.


Salon Indoors

Inside, the salon itself is beautifully finished and has new, state-of-the-art equipment.  It's open and airy while allowing privacy at every stylist's station.

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It's easy to see why many Desert Shores residents have been coming here since they moved in...

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...and people travel from miles around Las Vegas to get the full treatment: hair, nails and spirit.

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So if you've had one of those nail-biting, hair-raising weeks, this is the place to go to take care of ... all of it!


Salon Services

The Salon at Lakeside offers a full suite of services, as noted on their website:

  • Incomparable Location
  • Color: Highlighting, multi-dimensional weaves and foils, color correcting, permanent and semi-permanent tinting
  • Shampoo and Blow Drying
  • Hair Cutting
  • Deep conditioning treatment both hair and scalp
  • Permanent waving, and relaxing
  • “Special Occasion Styles” for Weddings, Special Events and Proms
  • Complimentary Valet Service (Thursday-Saturday only)
  • WiFi Internet Connection
  • Hot & Cold Refreshments and Snacks
  • Relaxing outdoor veranda overlooking the lake
  • Choice of eatery from Lakeside’s Restaurant Row

For more information, please go to The Salon at Lakeside website or look at it without leaving this website in the frame below:



Salon Contact

To contact The Salon at Lakeside, please use the following:

The Salon at Lakeside
2620 Regatta Drive
Suite 209B (2nd Floor)
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Tel: 702-363-1313
Fax: 702-215-4263

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