Desert Shores Lagoon

All residents who live in the Racquet Club and elsewhere in Desert Shores have access to something you'll find no where else in Las Vegas: a community lagoon and recreation area.  It is located directly across from Desert Shores Racquet Club:

Panorama Memorial Day 2003 (3)The Panorama above was taken on Memorial Day, which is one of a few enormous, festive celebrations for the community. Most of the time, it's not nearly so crowded, and a variety of recreation opportunities are available in this resort-like setting.


Take a tour of the Desert Shores Lagoon using the tabs below:


"Wait ... am I in Waikiki or Las Vegas??"

The Lagoon is a central spot to take advantage of the lakes of Desert Shores, whether you live on the lake or not.  All residents of the community have access to the lagoon and recreation area, which is open year round.  As you'll see looking through these tabs, the variety of things to do spans the spectrum of resident interests, and it's just fun.

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While most of the photos on the website show the lagoon during its main events, much of the time it's calm and there's plenty of room to just kick back, read a book, sunbathe and take in the one-of-a-kind atmosphere.  If that's all you want to do, it's easy to find that perfect spot to be a beach vegetable.